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News & File Leadership Viewpoint
· ACFTU Extends Regards to Workers Who Came Back from Libya
· 5th Plenary Session of ACFTU’s 15th Executive Committee Held
· 8th Plenary Session of ACFTU’s 15th Presidium Held
· New Members of ACFTU leadership
· Work Objectives Put forward by ACFTU for the Year 2011
· Chinese Trade Unions Makes Progress in 2010
· Wang Zhaoguo Meets with Trade Union Leaders of South Pacific Countries
  The ACFTU was founded on May 1, 1925. It is a mass organization formed by the Chinese working class on a voluntary basis.
Resolution on Taking the Development Road of Socialist Trade Union with Chinese Characteristics
Foreign Relations
  The ACFTU attaches special importance to developing international exchange and cooperation and pursuer the principle of independence...
 Typical Example
 Window on workers
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  Participation in Legislation
Chinese Trade Unions Take Vigorous Action to Participate in Legislation and Policy Formulation Chinese trade Unions actively participate in the formulation of laws and policies concerning workers’ rights and interests……
  Joint Consultation
Chinese Trade Unions Advance the Establishment of the  Joint Conference System with the Government Chinese trade Unions urge the leading body of trade unions at all levels to establish a joint meeting system with Government at corresponding levels……
  Tripartite Mechanism
test Chinese trade Unions actively promote the tripartite consultation mechanism at various levels……
  Collective Contract
Chinese trade Unions urge enterprises of all types to establish the equal consultation and collective contract system……

  Democratic Management
Chinese trade Unions urge enterprises of all types to establish the various democratic management and supervision systems……
  Employment Promotion
Chinese trade Unions actively help laid-off back into work by bringing into play their own advantages……
  Poverty Relief
test Chinese trade unions carry out in depth the Warmth Project and do whatever it takes to lift poverty-stricken workers out of their difficulties……
  Labor Protection
Chinese Trade Unions Strive to Safeguard the Labor Safety and Health Rights and Interests of the Workers Chinese trade unions concern themselves with workers’safety and health and inspect the implementation of safety laws and regulations by enterprises……
  Labor Dispute
Chinese trade unions actively urge efforts to build a sound mediation and arbitration system at all levels and participate in handling labor disputes……
  Organizing Drive
Chinese trade unions spare no effort in strengthening the capacity building of grassroots trade unions and organizing the vast majority of workers into trade unions……

  Unions in Foreign Enterprises
Chinese trade unions are working hard to strengthen trade union organizations in overseas-funded enterprises including multinational corporations……
  Migrant Workers
Chinese trade unions have taken it as their duty to protect migrant workers’legitimate rights and interests……
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