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Work Objectives Put forward by ACFTU for the Year 2011
2011-01-31 Hits:4024

       Work objectives for the year 2011 put forward by ACFTU at the 5th Plenary Session of its 15th Executive Committee held in January mainly include:

       Stimulating enterprises to set up trade union organizations according to law to unionize the vast majority of workers, including migrant and labor service workers; making every effort to raise the rate of nationwide unionized businesses with corporate capacity to 65% and the number of union memberships to make up more than 80% by the end of 2011 and striving to build trade unions into ¡°workers¡¯ homes¡± trustable among workers. (The rate of nationwide unionized businesses shall reach 90% and above and the number of union memberships shall make up over 90% by the end of 2013)

        Stimulating enterprises to start collective wage bargaining according to law, strengthening regional and industrial collective wage bargaining work and the unionization work among enterprises of the world top 500 firms in China and putting forth strength to enable the collective wage bargaining system to cover 60% of unionized enterprises by the end of 2011 (more than 80% by the end of 2013). Meanwhile, trade unions will also take vigorous action to facilitate the formulation of such laws, regulations and income distribution policies as Enterprise Wage Regulations as well as increase of wage incomes of ordinary workers, migrant workers, labor service workers and needy workers; make effort to facilitate the enhancement of the wage supervision and guarantee system, coordinate with government departments to demand back wages for workers, especially for migrant workers, ensure regular wage growth and payment for workers and bring about the growth of payment for labor in pace with the growth of labor productivity.

       Thoroughly starting the activity of building enterprises in harmonious industrial relations, consolidating the construction of the industrial relations coordination mechanisms and actively participating in people¡¯s congresses¡¯ making of laws on safeguarding workers¡¯ rights and interests and join in law enforcement inspections; attaching importance to non-public enterprises to start special actions for the formation of the democratic management system, thoroughly carrying out the regional and industrial workers¡¯ congress systems, striving to enable the workers¡¯ congress system and the corporate transparency system to cover 80% of the unionized public enterprises and 70% of unionized non-public enterprises in 2011.

        Putting forth strength to improve workers¡¯ technical qualities and their innovation ability, continuously pushing forward the construction of education and training demonstration bases. In 2011, 800 demonstration points and 50 women workers¡¯ training and demonstration schools will be set up. Importance will be placed on supporting 100 fine demonstration points; 100 occupational skill training bases will be set up to widely conduct skill training, job-changing training among laid-off workers and training for migrant workers.

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